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  • Can you get HomerGriffin off the "patrol" thing from Wikisimpsons? He tries editing and he can't save his edits on any page. I know you don't go to any FANDOM wikias, but he needs to save his edits on any page.

    The point is, HomerGriffin on Wikisimpsons tried writing or something on a page and tried to press save, but a random page is not saving.

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    RRabbit42 closed this thread because:
    the account was globally blocked, effectively resolving this issue
    03:50, August 11, 2020
    • No, I don't think so. Not solely on the basis of this request, anyway.

      First, I don't have authority on Wikisimpsons over user groups. Second, your user profile shows that you've only been on Fandom Simpsons for three days and yet in that short time someone has seen fit to block you from Fandom network-wide, which prompts me to question your credibility (even if it was activity on a different Fandom wiki that led to the block). Third, for all I know you could be HomerGriffin using a different user name. I find it unlikely that some random user on Fandom is going to just pop up and make requests on HomerGriffin's behalf unless they're somehow connected, or are actually the same person.

      If you ARE HomerGriffin and you want a break from the restrictions that have been put on you at Wikisimpsons, what you need to do is get on your talk page over there and ask to have things changed. I see from HG's contribution history that there are a number of recent edits by him/her which have not been reverted and which I'm therefore inclined to guess are legitimate. If you are HomerGriffin and you would like to have your restrictions undone, asking nicely and mentioning that recent history might be worth a try. However, I can't make any guarantees regarding the results as it's not my decision.

      Also, if you are HomerGriffin, it might be worth mentioning the "random pages not saving" issue as well. I don't think it would just be random pages; if you could mention some specific pages aren't saving, that would provide us with something to investigate and give us a shot at coming up with an answer. Regards, M

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