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  • Hey, dude.

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  • Season 31 was not officially confirmed so is there any sources about Season 31 episodes "Time and Punishment" and "Cletus Like Father"???

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  • Hi! You removed the category 'Right-wingers and Conservatives' from page 'Adolf Hitler', claiming that Hitler was a 'socialist'. Nothing can be further from the truth. 'National Socialist' was just a name, in reality, Hitler had nothing to do with Socialism. He even sent many socialists to prisons. The Nazis under Hitler were similar to today's Republican Party or UKIP. Hitler, as a politician was a far-right populist-conservative. Therefore, the category will stay. 

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    • Penrith wrote: Well, Hitler supported both the lower and upper classes in Germany.

      Almost all sites list Adolf as 'Far-Right'. You CAN be 'Right' and 'Socialist' at the same time. I am and UK PM Benjamin Disraeli was.

      Wikipedia lists the Nazis as 'Social Conservative', under the 'Ideology' on the Infobox.

      The closest modern-day parties to the Nazis, are the afforementioned BNP, Scottish Democratic Alliance, British Democratic Party & Britain First.

      No, you CAN'T be a socialist and a right-winger. Karl Marx, and even various Soviet leaders and leftists made very clear you can't. You HAVE to belong to the left-wing. And don't forget, Hitler also said they should eat the plutocrats and all of that, just like Stalin. And I might as well add, lastly, that if he truly wasn't a socialist, he would have pulled a name change for the party as soon as their power base was solidified as an explicit denouncement of Socialism, like how Thomas Jefferson ran a campaign claiming he'll end federalist policies, yet as soon as he got into office, he claimed "we're all federalists now!" and doubled down on their big government policies.

      And as I said before, Wikipedia has a lot of liberal biases on there and even false information. I even CITED something Wikipedia claimed that was false: Castro being a nationalist instead of a Communist. I also listed six websites that made CLEAR that Hitler and the Nazis were of the left-wing.

      And no, the closest parties in real life today to the Nazis are the current ChiComs, because they both hold to Communism AND allow for some degree of private enterprise.

      Here's another website that made clear that Nazism was of the left:

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    • May I help? I don't think Nazis were were particularly Right or Left. They combined many elements of both sides. I'd say they're more Radical Centre.

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