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Milhouse is a boy who lives in Shelbyville.

His friends are Shelby, first, the second, third and fourth unnamed boy. He owns a dog.

He is like his Springfield counterpart, Milhouse Van Houten, in many ways. Traits they share include blue hair, big nose, similar voice, and frequently using the word "radical". One of their few differences is that the Shelbyville Milhouse doesn't wear glasses, while the Springfield Milhouse does. Also, the Shelbyville Milhouse appears to be less socially akward and neurotic when compared to his Springfield counterpart.


Presumably because of their shared name, the Shelbyville Milhouse was unwilling to hurt the Springfield Milhouse in spite of previous orders from the Shelbyville gang leader Shelby to beat up any Springfield kids found in town.


  • In Shelbyville, there are many equivalents to the people and places in Springfield, and the Shelbyville Milhouse is considered one of them.
  • He has a superhero alter ego known as “Four Eyes”.
  • He has a tattoo that says "motorcycle" on his arm.
  • He is the only character in the Shelbyville gang besides Shelby whose name is explicitly given.


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