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Now I hope you all like Korean Pop Covers of Tom Jones songs, 'cause they're about to be blasted!

Milo is the owner of Coolsville Comics & Toys. He is the complete opposite of Comic Book Guy.


When Comic Book Guy banned every kid in Springfield from coming to his store, he sarcastically suggested they should go to another comic book store. To his surprise, there actually was another store: Coolsville Comics & Toys, which had just opened right across the street.

When the kids went to Coolsville, they met the owner, Milo, who treated them like royalty. He gave them Japanese hard candy and played Korean-language Tom Jones music for them. Milo became even more popular with the kids when he had Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, and Daniel Clowes appearing in his store for an autograph session. This prompted Comic Book Guy, desperate for business, to visit and try to sell the kids ninja weapons; the kids, however, weren't interested in the weapons, and Comic Book Guy ended up getting scolded for trying to sell dangerous weapons to children, and then beaten up by the three visiting artists. Comic Book Guy later went out of business, and his empty building was purchased by Marge Simpson, who turned it into Shapes, a women's fitness center (but it was all in Homer's dream and Marge didn't purchase the building and so Comic Book Guy didn't go out of business and kept store going, despite Milo having a much better comic book store than he does).


Unlike Comic Book Guy, Milo's nothing like the stereotypical comic book fan: he's slim, trendy, and he has a girlfriend. Milo also doesn't force his opinions on other people, but shows that he values and respects other people's opinions when he asks the kids what they think about questions and topics related to comic books. Milo believes that comics are made to be read and enjoyed, rather than hoarded away until they're valuable. He's much more favored by the kids than Comic Book Guy.

Business Dealings

Unlike Comic Book Guy, who had the only comic book store in town and used that fact to be mean and sarcastic to his customers without fear of losing business, Milo knows that being nice to the kids (and customers in general) is necessary for his business to be profitable. He's very polite to children and doesn't mind if the kids accidentally damage a comic book (such as when Lisa Simpson accidentally ripped a page in a Tintin book). Milo arranges for famous alternative comic book writers to visit, and his store's a lot bigger than The Android's Dungeon and carries a lot merchandise and memorabilia.

Knowledge of Comics

Milo knows virtually everything there is to know stuff related to comic books, from character strengths to superpowers.

Romantic Relationships

As previously, Milo, much to the shock of the comic collector stereotype, has a girlfriend: a woman named Strawberry who uses a Malibu Stacy lunch box for a purse. In Married to the Blob, he and Strawberry apparently get married and have a daughter.

Behind the laughter

Milo was voiced by Jack Black in Husbands and Knives. Maurice LaMarche provided his voice in Married to the Blob.