Ox was the first to go. He got a hernia carrying the crate out of the castle.
Grampa Simpson

Milton Haas, also known as Oxford Haas (or simply Ox), was a soldier in the United States Army in Europe during World War Two. He served in the army alongside Abraham Simpson, Charles Montgomery Burns, Iggy Wiggum, Arnie Gumble, Etch Westgrin, Griff McDonald and Sheldon Skinner.

At some point during the Battle of the Bulge, he alongside at least one other member of his unit ended up tricked into thinking Private Charles Montgomery Burns had died in battle, and upon witnessing Burns waking up, commented "Hey, you [Burns] said you was dead!" He takes part in a tontine (In fact, he is also the one who accurately defined what a Tontine is), where the last surviving member of the Flying Hellfish would take sole possession of paintings they had 'liberated'. Milton is the first of the Flying Hellfish members to die, because of a hernia he got whilst taking the crate with the paintings out of the castle.

Despite his appearance and personality, Milton has shown himself to have some intelligence, as he was able to accurately define what a Tontine is to the other members of the Flying Hellfish Unit, causing Private Burns to congratulate him. In fact, his nickname, Oxford, is a testament to this.

He is voiced by Hank Azaria.


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