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Mob Rules is the fifth level of The Simpsons Game. Marge and Lisa recruit angry people of Springfield to claim the prohibition of the violent video game Grand Theft Scratchy.


This is the first level to include Marge as a playable character, as well as all of her powers. Lisa helps Marge and the mob in getting into hard to reach places using the Hand of Buddha. It is the only episode in the game where parts of the sandbox Springfield map are also in the level map.


Marge and Lisa are walking while reading an article on The Springfield Shopper that shows a senator wanting to stop selling the video game Grand Theft Scratchy to kids, but Mayor Quimby is being bribed by an EA executive. Martin has bought a copy of the game, and jacks Ned Flanders' car to get to his home quick. Lisa tells Marge she has the power of telling mobs to do whatever she wants using a megaphone, and decides to use her powers to get rid of Grand Theft Scratchy. She recruits Ned, Apu and Edna Krabappel to destroy three Grand Theft Scratchy floats. They have to fight kids with bats and Itchy and Scratchy masks and police officers all around the city. They later destroy two more floats. Lisa uses the "Hand of Buddha" to build a bridge and move cars to allow the mob get across the streets.

Smithers later joins the mob. On the upper floor of a parking lot there is a GTS billboard which the mob destroys to get to a rooftop which has another billboard. However, this one is electrified, so Marge places Maggie inside a crawlspace, she steers through the duct and turns off the billboard so the mob, now with Abraham Simpson, destroys the billboard. After Marge, Lisa and the mob go down to a little square with three more GTS floats, they fight the police officer, which now come from gates. Lisa then uses Buddha's Hand to place the remaining floats to shaped places, and Marge tells the mob to build a ramp to go up out of the square and to build a platform so Lisa can reach a Buddha statue to place a box and stop a water stream. When Moe joins the mob, they destroy a jail wall so Snake can join.

After that, they all reach the town's square. The Jebediah Springfield statue has been replaced by an Itchy and Scratchy statue. This part of the town goes into chaos as angry children who can hardly wait for the game to come out, police officers who come from police trucks, and the mob being knocked out by them. Skinner joins the mob, so it's time to destroy the statue. Once it is reduced to little pieces, the head of Scratchy falls and rolls to the Springfield Town Hall, which destroys its wall. However, Mayor Quimby and the EA executive are too busy in the mayor's pool and, after the executive gives the mayor his bribe, he calls his sexy interns. Now Marge decides to use their best weapon (Ned pulls out a tear gas launcher, but she doesn't mean that): Maggie. She is placed by Marge inside an air duct, and turns on the heat on Quimby's pool.

This forces him and the executive to get out, and when the executive sees the senator, the bribe for Quimby is out, as he had been promised no mobs as the town is "full of slugs who'd suck our sexy sleeze with a smile". Quimby decides to stop selling Grand Theft Scratchy to kids, so Marge and the mob celebrate, as Marge kisses the Simpsons Game book and Lisa rolls her eyes at the thought of using violence to stop the sales of a violent videogame.

After a day of using their new powers, the Simpsons family are commenting about them in the kitchen. This leads to an argument, followed by an alien invasion by Kang and Kodos. They make a Lard Lad statue come to life and destroy things with its laser. They also manipulate dolphins into rebelling against humanity and then they set up base at the Springfield Mall.

The Simpsons powers aren't enough to defeat the aliens, so Bart and Lisa decide to go to the smartest person in Springfield: Professor Frink.

Mob Rules Characters

  • Marge: Marge is one of the playable characters, she can jump, kick, punch, place Maggie into crawlspaces and use her megaphone to honk to defeat enemies and recruit people to her mob and tell them to attack people, destroy, build or repair things and step on platforms. She can also turn into "Police Marge" (only in Xbox 360 & PS3 version).
  • Lisa: Lisa is one of the playable characters, she can jump, punch, kick, play her saxophone to stunt enemies and use the Buddha's Hand to pick up and drop big things and kick enemies from above. She can also turn into "Clobber-Girl" (only in Xbox 360 & PS3 version).
  • Ned Flanders, Apu, Edna Krabappel, Smithers, Abraham Simpson, Snake, Moe, Seymour Skinner can all be recruited into Marge's mob.  They wield crowbars and pitchforks and assist Marge and Lisa in battle.
  • Lewis, Sherri and Terri, Martin, Wendell, Janey, Milhouse, Dolph, Kearney, Jimbo and Ralph serve as enemies.  They attack Marge, Lisa and the mob by punching and with bats.
  • Eddie, Lou, Chief Wiggum, and various other police officers also serve as enemies.  They attack Marge, Lisa and the mob by punching them, hitting them with their nightsticks, and shooting at them.
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