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Don't worry, if I croak, you'll marry Lenny or Moe. The winner will be determined by a card game I invented.
Homer Simpson

"Mobile Homer" is the thirteenth episode of Season 16.


When Homer is almost killed by the repeatedly closing garage door, Marge insists that he gets health insurance. However, Homer is considered uninsurable. Marge starts saving money by cutting corners, which doesn't work very well when Homer wastes it faster than Marge saves it. Marge insists that she takes charge of the family finances, resulting in Homer using the savings on the down-payment for an RV. Marge has finally undergone too much peer pressure and turns against him, so Homer seeks out some new friends - fellow RV owners, whom he invites to pull into the backyard. However, their problems disappear the next morning; the problem is, so do Bart and Lisa, who plan to drive the RV back to the sales lot.

Full Story

Marge takes the kids on a random and pointless Sunday drive but Homer gets out of it by cleaning the garage. Homer, however, barely does anything. Picking up a box, Homer looks on the bottom and screams as a group of spiders fall onto his face. He tries to kill the spiders by spraying bug spray on them but mistakenly blasts himself and screaming: "WHAT? SPIDER POISON IS PEOPLE POISON?" He then trips on Bart's skateboard and falls on the ground under the garage door. Homer sees a spider and tosses a TV guide magazine at it, but the magazine hits the garage door button and closes the door on his throat and continues trying to close. When Marge and the kids get home, they assume that Homer is dead. Bart tells Lisa to open the envelope he gave her. Lisa opens the envelope and pulls out a drawing of Homer crushed under the garage door with "THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN" written under him. Lisa and Bart perform CPR and revive him. Marge then asks Homer to buy life insurance, but due to his unfitness, constant accidents and multiple physical ailments Homer is declared uninsurable by the agent. Marge then watches a movie (which claims to be based on a true story) on TV understood as "From Homemaker to Homeless" about a wealthy housewife who becomes poor, insane, and ugly after her husband dies of a heart attack and she has no life insurance. Marge then gets a nest egg to pay for Homer's insurance and buys imitation brands of cereal, soup, coffee, forces Bart and Lisa to wear church charity clothing to school, and has Homer bring his own drinks to Moe's Tavern. Homer is then kicked out for bringing an outside drink. He is so fed up with Marge's overbearing attitude saying that he is the head of the household since he's the one who works his butt off to provide for the family but Marge says that she pays the bills and balances the checkbook, which means she does have a say in how money is spent. Homer chooses to move out since the nest egg is making his life miserable, and should purchase something cool. Homer then buys a fully loaded RV which he has the kids living in as well.

Homer then goes to a gas station where he meets a couple based on George and Martha from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Homer then invites them and their friends to his backyard. However, they are getting on Marge's nerves and Homer's friends leave after Marge cuts the power off. Marge and Homer then get into a very bitter argument, to the point of Homer calling Marge's bed "a loveless slab of bossiness," and the kids have no choice but to take the RV back to the dealership, to prevent their parents from divorcing.

Marge and Homer then follow Bart and Lisa to the dealership in the car. The bad thing is that Bart and Lisa miss the dealership and end up on the freeway and the map for the dealership is The Flintstones Fun Map which has a note saying "Dino short for dinosaur? Remember to Ask Jeeves.". They soon get into more trouble when they end up on a Turkish cargo ship and are about to be transported to Turkey. However Marge gets the captain to stop by giving the crew 300 cans of soup she bought (although she wasn't willing to give them a cornerstone if they asked after the captain said "it's a shame that [Marge] dressed like a Lebanese Prostitute). The family then has dinner on the ship, and Homer vows to return the RV the next day while lifting it up via a crane. He then carefully places the RV on a dock, but the dock breaks and causes it to fall in the water, much to Homer's annoyance, while Cowboy Bob blabbers on about his victory. Surprisingly, Marge takes this very well, although the crew reveal to Homer that they slipped some hashish in her dinner to loosen her up.



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