Goo Goo Gai Pan
Mobile Homer
The Seven-Beer Snitch


  • The title is a reference to a "Mobile Home" or an RV.
  • In the Spanish (from Spain) dubbed version, when Lisa reads Homer's Flintstones map, she says, "Dino, abreviatura de dinosaurio; consultarlo en la Wikipedia" (Dino, abbreviation of Dinosaur; search for it in Wikipedia). In the original English, she said "Dino, short for Dinosaur? Remember to Ask Jeeves."
  • Among the vacation disasters: Homer impaled by a baguette in France, Homer getting assaulted by Mickey Mouse and Goofy at the Magic Kingdom, and Homer stuck in Lincoln's nose on Mount Rushmore.

Previous Episode References

Cultural references

  • Songs in this episode: Vacation by The Go-Gos, Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses, I've Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash (parodied), and Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by They Might Be Giants.
  • The spider poison is called "Charlotte's Dead," an obvious parody of the children's book Charlotte's Web.
  • The voice of Andrew Jackson is based on that of James Cagney.



The Turkish flag drawn incorrectly

  • Actually, Kahramanmaraş hasn't got a coast line.
  • The Turkish flag is wrong. The star is higher up than it's supposed to be, and the moon and star look slightly tilted when they aren't in real life.
  • Lisa was wearing her dress, so she didn't actually need to use the charity clothes.
  • At the end of the gas station scene, when the man says “there you have it” his wife chuckles but her mouth doesn’t move.
  • How did Bart and Lisa leave a note before returning the RV to the dealer even though they didn’t put the note by the RV spot?
  • When Bart and Lisa go into the RV while covering their ears, the RV is facing the treehouse, but when Bart starts to drive the RV, the RV magically turns around 180 degrees facing the Flanders house.
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