Goo Goo Gai Pan
Mobile Homer
The Seven-Beer Snitch


  • Cowboy Bob and his Bob's RV Round-Up, from "The Call of the Simpsons", return; however, Cowboy Bob was not voiced by Albert Brooks this time. Also returning is the Merry Widow Insurance Company from "Homer's Triple Bypass".
  • The first of two episodes this season to make a home/Homer pun.
  • In the Spanish (from Spain) dubbed version, when Lisa reads Homer's Flinstones map, she says, "Dino, abreviatura de dinosaurio; consultarlo en la Wikipedia" (Dino, abbreviation of Dinosaur; search for it in Wikipedia). In the original English, she said "Dino, short for Dinosaur? Remember to Ask Jeeves." The former makes fun about that virtually everything can be found on Wikipedia.
  • Among the vacation disasters: Homer impaled by a baquette in France, Homer being punched by Mickey Mouse and Goofy at the Magic Kingdom, and Homer stuck up Lincoln's nose on Mount Rushmore.
  • This is the third time that the song "Welcome To The Jungle" is played on The Simpsons, making it the most-played pop culture song on the show. It was first played in Marge on the Lam; and for the second time in Eight Misbehavin'.
  • Homer previously owned an RV in "The Call of the Simpsons." However, by the end of that episode, the RV was destroyed (falling off a cliff and then exploding), thus explaining why Homer is now interested in a RV.

Cultural references

  • Songs in this episode: "Vacation" by The Go-Gos, "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses, "I've Been Everywhere" by Johnny Cash, and "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" by They Might Be Giants.
  • The spider poison is called "Charlotte's Dead," an obvious parody of the children's book Charlotte's Web.

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