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Moe 'N' a Lisa is the sixth episode of Season 18 (originally going to be an episode of Season 17).


Lisa turns Moe's notes of an obscure world into a poem, so he is invited to a writer's convention by Tom Wolfe, but he says that it is his own work, which breaks Lisa's heart.

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Homer wakes up with a reminder string tied around his finger. He has also written in mirror-writing on his chest, and there are various other messages, including Maggie's cereal, which spells out "Don't Forge" until she coughs up the "T". Trying to remember what it is he forgot, Homer ends up going to the Senior Olympics with his family. It is revealed that Homer forgot he had promised Moe to take him fishing for his birthday. Grampa reminisces about his encounter with Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Olympics (at which he accidentally saved Hitler's life), and he manages to win a medal while running from Groundskeeper Willie, whom he mistakes for the Grim Reaper. Lisa complains that she can't focus on anyone who is popular or whom to write her report.

That evening, the family returns home to find Moe waiting for them on their doorstep. Sneaking into their house, they receive a message from Moe saying that Homer had betrayed him. Impressed by the emotional depth of the letter, Lisa chooses to do her report on Moe. In Moe's hotel room, Lisa discovers that Moe has been writing his random thoughts on post-it notes. She arranges them and gives them a title of her own, labeling it "Howling at a concrete moon", and sends it to a poetry journal where it becomes a smash hit and earns Moe acclaim as a Charles Bukowski-esque poet.

Moe is invited to "Wordloaf", a writer's convention in Vermont, by Tom Wolfe. While driving there, Homer avoids drinking and driving by driving only between sips of beer. Moe and the Simpsons (including an inebriated Homer) finally arrive at the convention while being pursued by the police of every state in New England (as well as apparently receiving a ticket from each state). At the convention, Moe mingles among noted authors Tom Wolfe, Gore Vidal, Michael Chabon and Jonathan Franzen. Vidal is ejected from the gathering when he reveals he took the titles of his various books from things he saw as opposed to creating the title himself, "as any true author does". Moe takes credit for the poem's name, saying it was a solo effort. This breaks Lisa's heart and she abandons him, but Moe seems to show no remorse and even asks Lisa to craft another poem for him, which she refuses.

Moe finally writes a poem himself, only to have it eaten by a flock of geese, which Moe shoots at in anger ("Fly off in a V!"). Lisa tells her family what Moe did, and Homer and Bart plan to seek revenge on Moe by pouring maple syrup on him. Moe realizes that he cannot arrange his fragments into poems without Lisa. Ultimately, he delivers a poem at the convention revealing Lisa's contribution. As he says it, Homer and Bart attempt to dump five gallons of maple syrup on him but fail due to the syrup being really thick.


According to an article written while the episode was being recorded, Tom Wolfe, Michael Chabon and Jonathan Franzen were all supposed to be killed by a giant boulder. This ending was cut from the episode because none of the three were actually dead. Also, several lines were cut from the Chabon/Franzen fight scene, such as Franzen shouting "Ah, my trademark glasses!".


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