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The Moe-looking Satan is the ruler of Hell who resembles Moe.


As teenagers, Patty and Selma tried to call out the devil in the attic and young Marge found them there. Their calling worked and the Moe-looking Satan appeared, holding the twin's necks. They asked Marge for help, promising they will never make fun from any man she will marry. and Marge precariously asked Satan to come for her sisters later. Satan agreed, but he said that after thirty years he will come back and take Marge's favorite child away.

After thirty years, the Satan comes to the Simpson house and starts to do strange things, like hitting Homer and destroying furniture. One night he tries to take Maggie away, but Marge with family come in and stop him. Marge tells her family about her and Satan's deal. Lisa says, that she is supposed to be the favorite, but after Satan grabs her, she denies that she is the favorite one. Homer asks if there is another deal he can accept. The deal is three-way and Homer asks if it is between the Satan, him and Marge, but the Satan says that it's between Homer, him, and another Demon.

At around 3:30 AM, Homer asks the demons for the safety word, which is cinnamon. Homer wants that they should try something new, and throws his dressing gown at the camera, and then the demon shouts "Cinnamon" repeatedly.