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Moe is Moe Szyslak's character in Earthland Realms. He looks like a troll. Moe plays the game while he is on the can.


Cleric (Marge's Earthland Realms character) confused him for a troll, which made him very angry. His character was supposed to look like the real Moe, but everybody kept thinking that he was a troll.

He said that the Shadow Knight once beat him to death with Moe's own life bar.

In his tavern in the game, the Shadow Knight asked Moe to serve him a drink made from blood wrung from the head of a Pixie. He then told Moe to flog himself with a mace while reciting the goblin's code. Cleric then came into the bar and told him off for drinking, further annoying him.

Moe was one of the characters who killed the Shadow Knight when he was weak. Warrior Marge later killed him as a revenge and was seen kicking his head as a football.


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