The Bart of War
Moe Baby Blues
Treehouse of Horror XIV
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Created By

Matt Groening

Developed By

James L. Brooks

Matt Groening

Sam Simon

Written By

J. Stewart Burns

Directed By

Lauren MacMullan

Supervising Director

Jim Reardon


George Meyer

Ron Hauge

Tom Gammill

Max Pross

Mike Scully

David Mirkin

Mike Reiss

Marc Wilmore

Richard Raynis

Bonita Pietila

Denise Sirkot

Richard Sakai


Joel H. Cohen

Executive Producers

Al Jean

James L. Brooks

Matt Groening

Sam Simon

Co-Executive Producers

Ian Maxtone-Graham

Matt Selman

Dan Greaney

Carolyn Omine

Tim Long

John Frink

Don Payne

Dana Gould

Kevin Curran

Larina Jean Adamson

Supervising Producers

Brian Kelley

J. Stewart Burns

Michael Price


John Swartzwelder


Dan Castellaneta

Julie Kavner

Nancy Cartwright

Yeardley Smith

Hank Azaria


Harry Shearer

Special Guest Voice

Joe Mantegna

Also Starring

Tress MacNeille

Karl Wiedergott

Executive Story Editor
Joel H. Cohen

Original Casting by

Bonita Pietila

Animation Co-Producer

Richard K. Chung

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