The D'oh-cial Network
Moe Goes from Rags to Riches
The Daughter Also Rises
Homer: ...And that's why I don't believe there is a God. Thank you and God bless America.

Bar Rag: And by the way, that tapestry was me.
Sponge: Yeah, right. And I'm the Guttenberg Bible.

Bar Rag: [Being cradled by Moe while he sleeps] And so, my thousand year fall from grace is complete. But I guess it's not so bad. Here I have a certain comfort, if predictable...
A hand grabs the rag.
Bar Rag: Moe! Moe, wake up! I don't want to meet someone worse than you!

Bar Rag: [Rolling in a drier] I'm in Hell... I'm in Hell... I'm in Hell... I'm in Hell...

Bar Rag: [Ends up as Santa's Little Helper's blanket] At long last, this is true love. Sweet, pure and forever.
Cut to Maggie and Santa's Little Helper fighting over the rag.
Bar Rag: Well, all marriages have their ups and downs.

Lisa: Even a kid who wears a Finding Nemo back brace has some pride.

Bar Rag: I was hung in a beautiful cathedral, where tapestries were considered rock stars. I was admired by what you now call gropies. I thought the good times known as the Dark Ages would never end, but then cruel fate came knocking at the door.

Bar Rag: That was the first time I felt pain and anguish. Nothing can ever ease that painful memory.
A mug of beer spills and the rag soaks up the beer.
Bar Rag: Oh! Well, that helps.

Homer: [as a medieval peasant] So long, Marguerite. I'm off to fight in Flanders. Stupid Flanders.

Milhouse: I'm not your puppet, Bart.
Bart: I know. I made you into a real boy last week.
Milhouse: And I will always be grateful for that, but it's time you treated me with some respect.

Marguerite's son (Bart): Maman, we have failed to grown.
Marguerite's daughter (Lisa): We've had too little food!
Marguerite (Marge): Is it too little food or too much complaining?
Marguerite's daughter (Lisa): Maman, you're overstressed. You need a vacation. Perhaps to the south of France!
Marguerite (Marge): (Angry at her) We're in south of France!

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