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Moe Live Tweets! is a short released on the Youtube channel Animation on FOX on July 3, 2017.

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Plot summary

At Moe's Tavern, Moe Szyslak, using his cellphone, proceeds to use his twitter account @Small Owner With Shotgun Under His Counter. He then proceeds to say as he types the following message "Barney needs a bra Krusty should choke on his stolen jokes Marge got noodle arms Bumblebee Man took an American's job & Chris Paul is a traitor to LA." before proceeding to send the message. Moe then proudly declares that he never felt so presidential.


Behind the laughter

  • Moe's comment about never feeling so presidential is a reference to President Donald Trump preferring to live tweet from the White House.
  • His message mentions that Bumblebee Man took an American's job, alluding to a common complaint regarding illegal immigration and Mexicans.
  • While Moe is typing his message, two framed pictures featuring the barflies and The Be Sharps can be seen on the wall that Moe is facing.
  • Moe's claim that Chris Paul was a traitor to L.A. was a reference to his transfer from the L.A. Lakers to the Houston Rockets.