Moho House is a nightclub buliding that appeared in the episode of the same name.


While visiting Moe's Tavern, Nigel makes a plan to set Moe up in a more elegant establishment for singles after Moe fails to make his bar an establishment for Homer and Marge to hang out separately in when Nigel plans to break them up. Moe accepts his plan, so he closes his bar in order to run his new establishment, much to Barney's disappointment since he still had his work-in-progress novel inside. He asks Moe why would he close his bar, and he answers that he's been set up in a high-end establishment by Nigel (a well-heeled backer according to Moe).

Moho House, according to Kent Brockman, is a vaguely British, invitation-only club that celebrities who don't want publicity can be sure to be seen at. He then reports inside the club, where he says that tonight is the grand opening for it. Moe then appears and greets guests that came, including Joe Quimby and Bumblebee Man. He then sees Rainier Wolfcastle come in, and Moe says to him that his last picture was a bomb, but Rainier says to him that the trailer gave away too much, like the fact that it was terrible. Homer and Marge then arrive at the club, deciding to have fun by themselves.

Krusty the Clown and Mr. Teeny arrive, but Moe says that Krusty isn't allowed in the club while Mr. Teeny is, so Krusty asks him to not tell him because he's Jewish. However, Moe disagrees and asks him if it's because he's a has-been nobody likes, and Krusty begs to tell him it's because he's Jewish, leaving while crying in anguish.

Moe is then seen on the outdoor patio of the club, where he meets Stogie, a pianist that works at his club. He requests for Stogie to play "Moonglow", and he agrees. Marge then reveals that "Moonglow" is her favorite song, and Moe says that she came into his bar seven years ago and she played it on his jukebox. Marge then asks Moe if she wants to dance, and Moe agrees even though he says that he actually does it a lot behind the bar (hence the crazy-moving legs).

Meanwhile, Homer is seen counting his chicken wings, and says to the bartender that he ordered three dozen wings and he only counted thirty-five of them. Smithers comes in with a gift that has earrings inside and asks Homer if he can give it to Marge in order to reconcile with his wife, and agrees. However, Smithers says that its supposed to be a gift for Mrs. Smithers, his mother, for her 81st birthday, causing Marge to cry when Homer tried to give it to her.

Later, Moe is seen on the outdoor patio feeling sad because earlier, he thought to himself that Marge was waving him home like a third-base coach, but had no idea if he could do that to Homer. To cheer him up, Stogie plays a song that he's been messing around with that may or may not be a commentary on his solution. Moe then says to himself that Homer didn't treat Marge right and she should be loved like how Barney loves his bar.

Moe then texts Marge to come to Moho House, and when she arrives, Homer then appears and he says to Moe that he's supposed to be his friend and asks how he could meet Marge behind his back. Moe says that it's because he's Homer's friend, and is also the reason why he invited Homer here. He then gives Homer some advice: If you don't treat Marge right, someone's gonna take her away. Homer says to Marge that he treasures her, and gives her a flip book he made about him and Marge to prove it. He then says that he and Marge haven't achieved all of their dreams, but he had them the day he met her, much to Marge's loveliness, and their relationship goes back to normal.

Depressed, Moe says that maybe someday he'll find happiness, but not today, causing Moho House to get destroyed (as seen in the photo slideshow during Stogie's last song).

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