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Mojo was Homer Simpson's helper monkey who eventually adopts Homer's unhealthy lifestyle and becomes very obese.


After Apu is injured badly, he gets a helper monkey to work for him. Always in search of new ways to be lazy, Homer decides to use his enfeebled father (who thought he was getting the monkey to eat) in order to qualify for the services of the highly trained and intelligent Mojo, whom he intends to use as a Simian slave. Mojo, however, soon realizes this, preferring Homer's sedentary lifestyle to the job he has been trained to perform. In one incident, Homer sends Mojo to steal doughnuts from a bakery and bring them back. Mojo steals the doughnuts, but then eats them himself.

All the doughnuts and other aspects of Homer's lifestyle soon take their toll, with Mojo becoming bloated and lethargic. Because of the monkey's poor health, Marge becomes upset with Homer, who tries to show her that Mojo is still agile - prompting the monkey to perform a pathetic dance that ends with the diapered animal wheezing on the floor. Not wanting to have to answer for a dead monkey, Homer returns Mojo, dropping him off anonymously at the door. The attendant, alarmed by Mojo's condition, hands him a keyboard to type what was wrong. He enters "PRAY…FOR…MOJO."

Pre-Homer Condition

  • Happy
  • Eager
  • Healthy
  • Toilet-Trained

Post-Homer Condition

  • Obese
  • Lazy
  • Diapered
  • Has difficulty breathing