Molloy is a cat burglar who lived at Springfield Retirement Castle. He started a crime wave in Springfield that ended with the world's largest zirconia being stolen, which led to his arrest. He mentioned having been a cat burglar for years. He tricked the entire town into going on a phony treasure hunt, and he escaped from prison when they were all gone.[1]

Stolen items

  • Bart's portable TV and stamp collection
  • Lisa's saxophone
  • Marge's necklace (one of her many necklaces)
  • Flanders's Shroud of Turin beach towels
  • Skinner's Stormin' Norman commemorative plates (which had been previously stolen)
  • Barney's clothes and furniture
  • Selma's lock of MacGyver's hair
  • The world's largest cubic zirconia

Simpsons Comics

He appeared again as one of the suspects when the zirconia was stolen again.[2]



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