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Mom and Pop Art
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"Gotta build fast, cement drying! Oh, English side ruined! Must use French instructions! Le Grille? What the hell is that?!"
Homer Simpson

Mom and Pop Art is the nineteenth episode of Season 10.


Homer's failed attempt at building an outdoor barbecue leads him into the world of outsider art.

Full Story[]

Marge tells Homer that she wants him to do some work around the house and yard. Because of this, Homer takes Bart to the Mom & Pop Hardware store to pick up some supplies. Instead of purchasing working equipment he instead decides to purchase a D.I.Y barbecue pit. Homer makes Lisa lay the cement, and tries to assemble the pit but drops the parts into some wet cement ("Aah! Stupid Lisa!"). Homer frantically tries to get the barbecue out of the wet cement before it starts to set but makes things much worse. He gets angry at the failed barbecue and starts to beat it with an iron bar, bending and deforming it. Homer places the whole thing in a toy wagon and takes it back to the hardware store, where he is refused a refund. On the way home, the barbecue wagon is attached to his rear bumper. While lamenting that it will follow him to the ends of the earth, the bumper falls off, the barbecue wagon hitting a woman's car. The woman, Astrid Weller, catches Homer at home and states that his barbecue mess is an artistic masterpiece. She decides to send it to the Louvre: the American Style museum and it becomes a huge success.


Homer channels his rage into art

At home, Homer uses Bart and Lisa to help him create more sculptures. He tell them to get them mad, and Lisa tells him that Marge found out that her engagement ring is made of rock candy, and Bart says that he is failing math and that the other day, he was attracted to Milhouse. Both of these statements enrage Homer, although Bart's statement seemed to make Homer almost cry. Marge soon becomes jealous after Homer becomes a professional artist and creates more 'masterpieces', because it is what she always wanted to do. Astrid tells Homer that he is going to appear on "Art of America", but after showing everyone his new masterpieces they are unimpressed. At first Homer doesn't understand what happened, Lisa explains to him that all of his new pieces are the same as his first ones.


Homer's final art project

Homer now needs some inspiration in order to create more art and so, by the advice of Lisa, decides to go to the Springfield Art Museum with Marge. While he is impressed, it gives him no inspiration, and makes him feel even worse after seeing other artists' works - he also falls asleep in the museum and has a nightmare of the art attacking him. Later, Lisa tells Homer about an artist named Christo and how his art was groundbreaking. Homer finds inspiration from this: That night he and Bart cover the drains with the neighbors' stolen doormats, fit all the animals in the zoo with snorkels and finally open all the fire hydrants. In the morning, Springfield is flooded and everyone is very impressed with Homer creating the 'Grand Canals of Springfield'. The episode finishes with Homer and Marge sitting down together observing his work, after Marge paints the scene (her painting is stolen by Jasper Johns).


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