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  • The writer of this episode, Al Jean, partially wrote this episode whilst waiting in line for an amusement attraction, as stated in the audio commentary for Season 4's episode "Selma's Choice".
  • The character in the infromercial playing in the hardware store says his name is Doug Decarlo, an author of a book about Extreme Project Management.
  • Barney's drawing looks similar to the painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island Grande Jatte. 
  • Homer using anger in his art work references the comedy horror film "A Bucket of Blood" where an artist yells at a piece of clay to be a nose.
  • When Homer thought he was being erased by a giant pencil after insulting Matt Groening. This was a parody of the Looney Tunes shorts "Duck Amuck" and "Rabbit Rampage", where an animator is manipulating the titular characters of the shorts.
  • The Matt Groening artwork in the museum features Akbar and Jeff from Groening's "Life In Hell" comic strip.
  • The idea of lions swimming was last seen in the Season 2 episode "Bart the Daredevil" where Captain Lance Murdock attempts a jump over a tank of dangerous animals that includes swimming lions.
  • Homer and Ned's exchange at the start of the episode is a parody of the Harry Nilsson song "Coconut".
  • You can see that Homer leaves his shotgun on Maggie's cot explaining why she has one in "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge".
  • When the mob takes a rolled up carpet (implied to contain a dead body) to the Mom and Pop toy dumpster, and Chief Wiggum asks what they're disposing with some interest, Louie mentions that it was a beanie baby.


  • When Jasper Johns is seen stealing a light bulb in the art museum, the light continues to shine even when he takes the bulb out and runs off.
  • Homer gets angry when Bart tells him that he felt a little attracted to Milhouse, even though Homer learned to be accepting of his son's alleged homosexuality in "Homer's Phobia." It is always possible that he's upset that Bart was a little attracted to Milhouse of all people, who Homer doesn't really care for.

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