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No one's ever trusted me before... except for that one guy who shouldn't have.
Moe Szyslak

Mommie Beerest is the seventh episode of Season 16 (originally going to be the first episode of the season).


Moe's Tavern is closed by a health inspector, so Homer takes out a mortgage on his house to open the bar again. As a result, Marge becomes Moe's business partner and turns the bar into a British pub that makes them spend too much time together, which worries Homer.

Full Story

Homer finally pays the mortgage and The Simpsons celebrate by going to a fancy restaurant for brunch. However Bart and Lisa get into a fight and Homer goes to Moe's Tavern to escape his family. At the bar the health inspector comes who ends up being a good friend of Moe and passes him in everything. However, the health inspector eats a pickled egg from Moe's pickled egg jar and passes away almost instantly. The next week a more competent inspector comes and shuts down Moe's Tavern until he fixes these violations. A funeral for the tavern is then held and Homer plans to help Moe bring the tavern up to code. To get the money to do this, Homer takes out a second mortgage on his house. Marge is displeased about this and becomes Moe's business partner and believes Moe's customers should be higher class. Marge then suggests that the bar should become a British pub known as the Nag and Weasel and soon Moe starts renovating.

Moe's Tavern then goes from dive to fancy bar and then Marge helps Moe with his new business. Homer in the meantime is going to bed and wants to make out with Marge however it is 4:00 in the morning when Marge comes home and Homer believes Moe is trying to get Marge to have an affair with her.

Homer and Marge then go to a movie and are joined by Moe. This frustrates Homer and well as embarking on a trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land with Lenny and Carl. They say that Marge will have an emotional affair with Moe and there will be nothing Homer can do about it.

Marge and Moe are then invited to a bartender convention in Aruba by plane and Homer tries to win Marge back. Homer then rushes to the airport with Chief Wiggum and then Homer gets to the plane when it is airborne and then comes out of the toilet. Moe in the mean time finally found his true crush and plans to marry Marge. However, Homer catches up with Marge in the mean time, however, more chaos strikes when Homer opens up the door of the plane while it is airborne and almost every passenger on the plane is sucked out, including Mr. Teeny. However, Homer closes the door in time. Marge tells Moe that she does not love him and that she will never leave Homer.

The three then land in Aruba and Moe attempts to drown himself after Marge got back with Homer. Marge reassures him that he can find someone if he changes his personal hygiene habits. In the mean time Bart has entered himself, Lisa, and Maggie in a hot air balloon race in La Vie En Rose. During the credits, Marge and Homer singing, "Welcome to Moe's" at Moe's Tavern.

Behind the Laughter

The scene where Homer sings at Moe's Tavern while Marge plays the piano was originally intended to be used in Co-Dependent's Day, but was scrapped and later used in this episode.

The balloon race is a reference to the 1987 film "The Chipmunk Adventure".



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