Any Given Sundance
Mona Leaves-a
All About Lisa
Lisa: (when Homer is in a rage in the recording bear section of Stuff-n-Hug) Mom, code 4!

Squeaky-Voiced Teen: How much love do you want?
Ralph Wiggum: I want all the love!
(stuffing machine explodes; stuffing covers up Squeaky-Voiced Teen. Squeaky-Voiced Teen moans)

Marge: (sees Homer lying in bed) C'mon Homie. Your mother would've wanted you to stay in bed forever.
Homer: I'll tell you what she didn't want. Me to be a jerk to her, and then she dies! (starts crying)
Marge: (to Bart) Say something comforting.
Bart: (trying to think of something comforting to say) Uh...Dad? Whenever, I would hang out with Grandma, she would always ask me about you. And I say you'd suck. And she would say that you don't suck that bad.
Homer: She said I didn't suck?
Bart: That bad.
Homer: That bad...wow.
Bart: (quietly) Yeah.

Bart: Maggie's thing? She won't even remember it.
Marge: You never remember the nice things we do for you.
Bart: Like what?
Marge: Food.
Bart: Pass!
Marge: Shelter.
Bart: That dump?
Marge: Clothing.
Bart: I wouldn't blow my nose on this! (takes off sweater and throws it in the trash)

Lisa: I want a poodle!
Marge: I'd stay away from poodles. They give the dog... ideas.

Lisa: I hear something in the kitchen.
Homer: That's where the food sleeps!

Homer: My mother's dead!
Grampa: I'm still with you, son.
Homer: Oh, it just gets worse and worse!

Apu: She may have been reincarnated into that baby, or that mouse on the nacho cheese.
Ned Flanders: People are not mice!
Apu: Oh, big surprise. Joe Jesus Jr. here to set us all straight.
Ned Flanders: No one comes back as anything, except for Jesus as bread, and that's it.
Homer: Oh. (leaves dejected)
Apu: That's the problem with your religion. Everything's a bummer.
Ned Flanders: Even the sing-alongs?
Apu: No, the sing-alongs are fine.

Mona: Homer, if you're watching this, either I'm dead, or you've gone through my stuff. If I'm dead, this is my video will; if not, please keep away from my stuff.

Mona: To Lisa, I give something not even the government can take from you: my rebellious spirit.
Lisa: Oh, grandma. I accept your gift.
Bart: Lisa got nothing! Lisa got nothing!

Mr. Burns: Well, well. Who do we have here?
Man: That's what clogged up the launch.
Mr. Burns: Well, hello. Maybe in a different time, you and I could have gone out.
Man: Sir, you know that's just a bag of ashes.
Mr. Burns: I've seen your wife. She's no Mamie Van Doren.

Moe: I like creating disappointment. You know that little moment when people's hope dies? I feed on that.

Marge: (next to an air vent) My purse is made of hemp! If we burn it, the silly smoke will mellow out those guards.
Lisa: (grabs a pair of earrings) We can ignite it with these crystal earrings grandma gave me!
Marge: I thought she gave you her rebellious spirit.
Lisa: I found them on her nightstand. (Marge stares at her) What? Bart got a Swiss army knife!

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