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Cultural references

  • This is the third time a title is used based on the famous da Vinci painting called Mona Lisa, the first two being "Moaning Lisa" and "Moe'N'a Lisa".
  • During Homer's 'Difficult Task' a guard references Monk by saying "Ever since you started watching Monk you've been acting like Monk, you're not Monk."
  • After disposing of the guards, Homer makes a reference to the movie Babe by saying "That'll do brick, that'll do".
  • The song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane plays briefly when the Hemp purse is burning and the scent is transferred through the ventilation shaft.
  • When Homer parachutes down to his family using a Union Jack (Flag of the United Kingdom) parachute, James Bond style music plays.


  • The Stuff n' Hug store is a parody of Build a Bear Workshop.
  • This episode is widely considered one of the most tragic episode of The Simpsons because of Mona Simpson's death.
  • Ironically, Lisa stealing Mona's earrings and giving up on the mountain climb are signs of the rebellious spirit she gave Lisa.
  • This episode marks the final return and death of Mona Simpson.
  • This episode was dedicated to Elise Castellaneta (Dan Castellaneta's mother) and Dora K. Warren (Harry Shearer‘s mother).
  • This episode premiered 4 days before The Simpsons Ride opened at Universal Studios Florida and 8 days before the Hollywood one opened.



  • Only Homer and Abe attend Mona's funeral, along with Seth, Munchie, and Mason Fairbanks. While the rest of the Simpson family is no where to be found.
  • The Simpsons family returns from the Stuff n' Hug store in the evening, but as Homer walks into the kitchen, spinning the "Defender", he stops next to a window and the sky outside is much brighter.
  • If the recording bears would play the message only if you would press their button then how could they offend Homer (by saying whatever had Bart recorded) just when he entered the place without someone pushing their buttons?
  • Homer is surprised that his mother is alive, but in while reading the newspaper solving the "message" IMOK (I am OK) he alredy had a theory that his mom didn't die while the prison bus dropped off the cliff. However, it possibly was due to the fact that Homer didn't anticipate her coming back to him.

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