Loan-a Lisa
Treehouse of Horror XXI
Nelson: (to Bart and Lisa) Hey, get a room, you two!
Lisa: We're brother and sister!
Milhouse: So are my parents... I think.

Nelson: What's a brown banana like Skinner doing with somebody like her?

Skinner: Well, if it isn't Eavesdropper Ernie and the Listen-In Bunch! Well, I'd like you to meet Dahlia Brinkley.
Chalmers: She's our only Ivy Bridge League application.
(Lisa rushes in)
Lisa: I just saw a car with a Yale sticker on it! It must be you!
Dahlia: I just graduated from Yale and I wanted to see the school where it all began
Lisa: I want to be an Ivy Bridge League application. I'm treasurer of the jazz club and started the recycling thing. (Points to a bin with Lisa saying "Not half eaten yoghurt, please!")
Dahlia: And?
Lisa: Nothing more. I'm only in the second grade!
Dahlia: That's a Bridge bid, not an Ivy League application!

Team: Bart! Bart! Bart!
Lisa: You disobeyed your manager!
Bart: So what!? We won!
Team: Bart! Bart! Bart!
Lisa: Here's what: you're off the team! Get him out of here, boys.
Team: Conflicted! Conflicted! Conflicted!

Lisa: (to the team) Come on, guys. I had to get rid of Bart.
Nelson: But he socked a walk-off dinger.
Lisa: That dinger was a fluke! Not that I have to defend myself to you. Managers manage and players play!
Ralph: Do alligators alligate?
Lisa: I don't know! Yes!
Ralph: I'm scared.

Bart: I've been here for seven hours and I'm finally beginning to forget.

Marge: (Phone rings) It's for you, Bart.
Lisa: (On phone) Bart, we need you! Ralph is all juiced up!
Bart: No way!
Ralph: I didn't know what I was putting in my body!

Lisa: Hey! There have been plenty of female managers in baseball. Connie Mack, Sandy Alomar, Terry Francona, Pinky Higgins...
Nelson: Those are dudes!

Lisa: Wow, I'm surprised you guys know so much about a sport!
Prof. Frink: Lisa, baseball is a game played by the dexterous, but only understood by the poin-dextrous, if you understand what I've laid out there.

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