Loan-a Lisa
Treehouse of Horror XXI

Cultural references

  • The episode title is a pun on the title of the non-fiction book Moneyball by Michael Lewis.
    • In addition, the plot parodies the rigorously statistics-oriented approach to managing a baseball team, as documented in Moneyball.
  • When Lisa attempts to duel Maggie, Maggie easily defeats her and then slashes the first letter of her name into Lisa's outfit. This is a parody of Zorro.
  • When speaking with Bart, Ned asks to be called "Walter Matthau because he is a bad news bearer". The Bad News Bears starred Matthau as an alcoholic coach in charge of a kids baseball team.
  • The announcer refers to the Greek myth of Kronos the Titan, who ate his children when they were born.
  • While Lisa was doing research on the baseball economics, the Matrix code from the Matrix films was seen.
  • The opening sequence in which Bart writes all over the classroom walls is similar to the famous scene in the Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining, which was also parodied in the Treehouse of Horror V.
  • The bedtime story that Marge was reading to Bart (a moment that was ultimately spoiled due to Marge getting into a narrative shouting match with Homer through the adjoining air vent), The Berrystained Bears Stick Together, is a parody of the Berenstein Bears series of children's books.
    • Likewise, the "bedtime story" that Homer was reading to Lisa was the All Stars Classics encyclopedia. He tells the story of how Cincinnati Reds legend Pete Rose collided into Cleveland Indians' catcher Ray Fosse in the 1970 All-Star game, separating the latter's shoulder.
  • The managers Lisa incorrectly thought to be female are Connie Mack (Cornelius McGillicuddy Sr.), Sandy Alomar (Santos Alomar Sr.), Terry Francona (Terrance Jonathan Francona) and Pinky Higgins (Michael Franklin Higgins), the latter of which also went by the more masculine nicknames Mike and Frank.
  • Other current and former Major League Baseball players mentioned in the episode include Zack Greinke, Cliff Lee, Ron Swoboda, Dick Drago, Oscar Gamble and Lenny Dykstra.


  • Mike Sciosica getting radiation poisoning in Homer at the Bat is mentioned.
  • When Mike loses one of his World Series rings he says he'll win another however at the time of this episode's airing Sciosica was the manager of the Anaheim Angels (now Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) whose only World Series title was in 2002.
  • The yearbook of the Yale graduate (at the begininng) was Retrospecticus, a yearbook designed by Lisa in Summer of 4 Ft. 2.
  • Lisa's brains were also used for sporty purposes in Lisa the Greek.
  • The last time a sport created a rift between Bart and Lisa was in Lisa on Ice. In this episode they behave like their normal selves.
  • Lisa appears to be eating a pepperoni pizza at the Isotots' victory party at Luigi's despite being a vegetarian. Not a goof, it could be another topping that resembles pepperoni, she could also have had a temporary change of heart.
  • This episode actually aired on October 10, 2010, which is also 10/10/10.


  • Bart says they have been at the amusement park seven hours, yet the Isotot's baseball game is still in the middle of play after all that time, with enough time for them to get to the stadium from the amusement park and still let Bart bat.
  • When Lisa meets Frink, his glasses are thick and white. However, in the next scene, Frink's glasses are thin and black.
  • When Lisa bites into her slice of pizza, it's pepperoni but in the next frame, the topping is changed.

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