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Ssi 5 The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened/existed.
Monkey paw

The monkey's paw is a magical severed ape hand that can grant wishes.

It has four fingers and each time one makes a wish a finger will go down. Every wish, however, has a negative twist to it.

It appears on Lisa's nightmare segment on the episode Treehouse of Horror II, being sold to Homer by a salesman in Marrakech.


Simpson family
  • Maggie wishes for a new pacifier that arrives in a luxury car (oddly, this is the only one made by the Simpson family that doesn't have any negatives).
  • Bart wishes for the Simpsons to be rich and famous, which ends up with the family being hated.
  • Lisa wishes for world peace, which results in aliens coming to Earth.
  • Homer wishes for a turkey sandwich; the sandwich is too dry for his taste.
Flanders family

Just as Homer decided to throw it out, Flanders ended up being supplied with it by the former out of spite.

Shockingly, Flanders' wishes don't seem to come with the usual consequences, and some townspeople hail him as a hero and carry him back to his house while scattering him with roses. Flanders then decides to "spruce up the old homestead", causing their house to be turned into a castle; Homer enviously and bitterly wishes he had a monkey's paw afterwards.

Future Appearances[]

In Treehouse of Horror III, the Monkey's Paw is among the items the peddler who gave Homer a Krusty Doll possessed.


Ironically, like the Monkey's Paw which granted the Simpson family four wishes, the Genie in the animated Aladdin franchise who once granted the title character three wishes had four fingers as well. The film was released after the Monkey Paw's debuted on The Simpsons in Treehouse of Horror II and the month after it was featured in a cameo in Treehouse of Horror III. Simpsons voice actor Dan Castellaneta would voice the animated Genie character when Robin Williams did not, including in the Aladdin animated series, The Return of Jafar, House of Mouse series, and in the Kingdom of Hearts video game series.