The Longest Daycare
Moonshine River
Treehouse of Horror XXIII
Kent: This is Kent Brockman at the First Annual Springfield Grand Prix, which, like all our town showcase events, is not only poorly planned, it's horribly executed.

(rooster crowing)
Bart: Mary Spuckler, you're my last chance.
Milhouse: She's pretty cute for Cletus's daughter.
Bart: Yeah, she liked to drink milk as a kid instead of white paint.

Cletus: Is you one of my kids?
Bart: No, sir!
Cletus: Prove it!
Bart: A, B, C...
Cletus: All right, all right! You convinced me, Einstein. What you want?
Bart: Is Mary here?
Cletus: I'm afraid Mary done run off. We knows not where.

(Bart visits some of his old girlfriends)
Jenny: Eat my shorts!
Darcy: Drop Dead!
Gina Vendetti: Eat fist jerk! (she punches him)
Nikki: You've got a lot of nerve showing up here... And not giving a kiss! (Bart kisses her on the cheek) Inappropriate! I miss you... Stalker! (Bart runs away) Save me!

Homer: Aw, look at that! My little guy is finally realizing how complicated grownup feelings can be.                
Marge: Well at least it didn't end as bad as Romeo and Juliet.
Homer: No kidding! I saw your reviews! (holds a newspaper saying Bard to Death)                                            
Lisa: Hey! I specifically said no critics! this is outrageous! Ohh, but they liked me! 

Homer: (trying to drive across the "race track") Wait for the gap... wait for the gap...
Marge: Homer, we can buy scotch tape tomorrow!
Homer: There's the gap! (accelerates the car, the family screams) Gap's too small! (brakes and backs up)

Bart: (seeing Lisa and Milhouse dancing) So is this a "date" date or a meaningless friend thing?
Lisa: Meaningless friend thing.
Milhouse: (interrupting her) True love super date!
Bart: Well, if you two ever get serious and have a baby, it will look something like this! (grabs some balloons and makes a "Milhouse" with them)
Milhouse: (Grabs the balloon Milhouse) Don't listen to uncle Bart. Lisa and I will raise you in a house of love.
Lisa: (Angry at him) We're not having a baby! (pops out the balloon with her brooch)
Milhouse: Jimmy!
Lisa: (to Milhouse) Oh brother. Let's dance.

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