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I'm a Jewish clown."
"Me too.
Krusty and Mort[src]

Morton "Mort" Goldman is a character from Family Guy. He made a cameo appearance in The Simpsons Guy. Mort is a Jew who owns a pharmacy. He has a son named Neil Goldman and a deceased wife named Muriel Goldman. In The Simpsons Guy, Mort is seen in the courtroom, sitting next to Krusty the Clown at the trial due to the fact that they are both Jewish clowns.


Mort is a scrawny, middle aged man who's orange, curly hair only grows around the sides of his bare, balding head. He wears thick, black, angular glasses. He has three teeth that stick out of his mouth, when it it closed. He wears a nerdy white shirt with a red tie and a gray vest. He also wears blue pants and brown shoes.


Mort's defining characteristics are stereotypically Jewish, such as his whiny neuroticism, his chronic hypochondria, his wimpy attitude and his general gawkiness. Mort has terrible social skills, frequently discussing his various maladies and childhood bullying in otherwise polite conversation. Mort doesn't mind revealing details about his customers' personal health problems, as he went into the details about a man with hemorrhoids, telling the man's daughter and her classroom that they were like stinking little balloons and that they stung him so bad that he had to apply the lotion in his car with a sock.

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