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Mortimer "Mort" Krupp is the son of Remus Krupp and Fernice Sheeden. He is a farmer and is a distant relative of the Simpson family.


He first appears in the family tree from The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album.

A picture of him appears among other family memorabilia in The Color Yellow. He is shown to be a farmer and to have brown hair.


  • His position on the family tree would imply that he is around the same age as Homer. However, the farmer’s appearance suggests that he is well into his late 40s, 50s or even early 60s.
  • The fact that the family have a picture of him indicates that the Simpsons are still in contact with distant members of the family.
  • His surname, Krupp is of German origin. His mother's maiden name however, is probably a variant of Scottish Shedden.
  • It is unknown whereabouts in the US he lives. That is, if he even lives in the US.