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Mr. Black was the camp director of Kamp Krusty.


Mr. Black does very little work, instead relying on the services of the school bullies Jimbo Jones, Dolph and Kearney to "crush their spirits", who run the "Kamp Krusty" with an iron fist. Mr. Black also hired a retired drill instructor, presumably from the US Army or US Marine Corps, to be mean to overweight children in the fat camp section of Kamp Krusty. Black mentioned that he had been the president of Euro Krustyland for 15 years until it “blew up” (a parody of the unpopularity of Euro Disneyland).

Role in Episode

Mr. Black is briefly seen drinking brandy, smoking and enjoying a feast with the bullies, making a toast and saying "Gentlemen, to evil!" Mr. Black later hires Barney to dress as Krusty in an attempt to keep the campers complacent, but the disguise is poor and Barney spoils the illusion by talking. Bart leads the campers in a revolution to take over the camp. Mr. Black, realizing that he has lost control yells to the bullies, "To the hydrofoil!". The drill instructor also leaves Kamp Krusty, either escaping along with Jimbo, Dolph, Kearney and Mr. Black in the hydrofoil or leaving camp grounds by another means, for the fat kids' section is unguarded when Bart frees Martin Prince and the other kids from it. This is the last we ever see of Mr. Black, for he has not reappeared in any subsequent episodes. It is also implied that he had bribed Krusty by offering him "a dump truck full of money" in order to get Krusty to sign his name on the camp.

Other Plans

Mark Kirkland was sure that the character was going to reappear later in the series, but he never did. Al Jean commented "I guess that the hydrofoil really got Mr. Black out of the show forever." [2] Despite this, he has made a somewhat major appearance in the Simpsons comic The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth.

Mr. Black's also appears in the video game, The Simpsons Road Rage, in which he tells players their ranks. However, only his voice can be heard.



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