This Germ Warfare Laboratory was a biological germ lab that was operated and chaired by Charles Montgomery Burns.


The lab, located on the Springfield University campus, was likely established by Mr. Burns, who was its chairman by the mid 1960s, before he built the nuclear power plant. Soon after becoming chairman, Burns began an operation of bio-weapons and germs to use against Springfield. Several students on campus and radical hippies protested against the lab (including Mona Simpson).

One night, in 1965, Mona and six other hippies who were protesting infiltrated the lab and cured several lab germs with an antibiotic bomb they set off, which also cured security guard Clancy Wiggum's asthma. However, Burns was enraged and vowed that the hippies could never get past him. When the hippies ran over Burns, Mona went to help him, but he saw her face and reported her to the police.

As of 1995, Mona was still being hunted by the police and the FBI. She was almost caught by Burns and the FBI, but Wiggum, now the chief of police, tipped her and her son Homer off to Burns's arrival. She eventually escaped in a hippie van.

In My Mother the Carjacker, Mr. Burns has the police catch Mona in Springfield again, and successfully gets her arrested. However, she is cleared of all charges due to Homer's testimony. Not wanting to give up, Burns renames his germ lab to "Grandma Simpson Peace Museum and Kid-Teractive Learnatorium", and calls in the FBI. He has Mona sign the guest book, and she inadvertently reveals that she signed the guest books at some national parks under false names, which is a federal offense. The FBI, who were guarding the lab, arrested Mona. Despite this, Homer manages to hijack the prison bus, and Mona escapes without any harm.

After this, Burns and the FBI shut down the Lernatorium after Mona escapes.


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