This mansion was owned by Mr. Burns. He, who often styled himself as "Monogram Monty", held excessive parties here.

Role in the Simpsons

Pre-1919, this mansion was built by Burns to host excessive parties as "Monogram Monty Burns". These were often held during the Roaring Twenties. The mansion stayed in Burns' possesion years after 1929.

Years later, a sulky Burns began missing the parties he organized. His assistant, Smithers suggested hosting a party to help cheer Burns up. After this, the mansion was refurbished, and organized for a party. Burns hired waitstaff and musicians, and the party guests (including his employee Homer Simpson and his family and friends) arrived. However, Burns had cheaped out, and the party was ruined.

The mansion is shown several more times throughout the period of the episode. When Burns's wealthy friend, Jay G, convinces him to spend more money, Burns has a portrait of himself hanged on the wall. After Burns spends too much money, however, Jay defaults on Burns's debts, and takes control of his possessions, including his Hampton Mansion and the nuclear plant.

The mansion is seen one last time, in Part II. After Burns kidnaps Jay's goose pet Goosius, he and Homer retreat to the mansion to cook and eat him. As Jay arrives, Burns reveals a supposedly roasted Goosius, and eats a bite out of him to taunt him. However, after Goosius is revealed to be alive (Homer had grown affectionate of the pet), Jay and Burns chase it inside the mansion, where they climb onto a chandelier. After they get saved by Smithers, Jay gives the mansion back to Burns.



  • The mansion here is actually different from the summer mansion shown before, despite them both being used as summer mansions (Burns may have been showing off his wealth by buying both mansions).
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