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Mr. Lisa's Opus
Gone Boy
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Cultural References

  • The name of this episode is a reference to the drama film Mr. Holland's Opus.
  • The ending was a parody of All in the Family, with it even being showcased by Norman Lear threatening to sue the Simpson family for stealing his work.


Year Lisa's Age Bart's Age Maggie's Age Homer's Age Marge's Age Abe's Age
2010 1 3 Unborn 27 27 80
2016 7 9 4 Months 33 33 86
2023 14 16 7 45 43 93
2027 18 20 11 49 47 97
  • This is the second episode title to use the phrase "Mr. Lisa", the first was "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington".
  • This is the second episode to parody All In the Family at one point, the first time being "Lisa's Sax".
  • This is a sequel to "Barthood".
  • At the end of the episode, a teenage Lisa is holding a sign with texts reading: "Free China From Tibet".



  • When Lisa is seen as a baby, Marge has the same hairstyle she had in the 1990s in "That '90s Show", despite the fact she has always had her hair up in a beehive style since becoming pregnant with Bart.
  • When Lisa gets off the school bus and sees the Harvard drone, the bus says "Springfield Elementary School" when it should be clear that Lisa is a high school senior.
  • In the same scene, Bart's hairstyle changes.
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