Mr. Mitchell is a blind man who adopted Santa's Little Helper.


When Bart refused to pay for his credit card bill, Laddie turned out to be on the list of items to be repossessed and Bart instead decided to give Santa's Little Helper to the repo men. After Bart gave up Laddie, he tried to get Santa's Little Helper back. He found out that a blind man bought him from the pound and renamed him Sprinkles. Bart then told Mr. Mitchell to give back Santa's Little Helper. However, Mr. Mitchell called the police, who gave Santa's Little Helper back to Bart and subsequently discovered that Mr. Mitchell was a marijuana user (although he claimed he needed the marijuana for his blindness). Mr. Mitchell got Laddie to guide him, and the ending strongly suggests that the police planned to have a wild party with other cops and a prostitute at his house.

He appeared at Phish's concert to keep medical marijuana legalized.


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