Mr. Powers is the ex-husband of Ruth Powers and the father of Laura Powers. He was born on December 10th, 1962. He was divorced from Ruth due to his stiffing on child support long enough that she stole his car in revenge. He may be a former or current member of the Army as his daughter was seen wearing a military jacket with the Corporal Insignia on it, and she also mentions him being stationed in a location known as Vandahar.


According to Ruth Powers, Mr. Powers was said to have been both too focused on his career than his family, and that around the house he was lazy, slept around, and drank beer all day. According to Laura Powers, she mentions that her upbringing was painfully strict, implying that though he was willing to drop all responsibility on Ruth, his focus on his career was enough to painstakingly "straighten out" his family for a proper and clean image of a "perfect American household", including keeping his daughter in line with very harsh consequences. Mr. Powers was also known to have been greedy and stingy with his finances, to the point when his wife divorced him and took Laura away he refused to pay alimony and child support upon their separation. Incidentally, Marge Simpson noticed little differences between him and Homer during a conversation with Ruth until realizing the differences of her husband's care of her and their family and hearing of the refusal of his divorce payments.

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