Mr. Zzyzwicz is the father of Kearney Zzywicz Sr. He looks almost identical to his son and grandson, except for that he appears to be older, doesn't control his stubble, and smokes a cigar.


He, along with Mr. Jones and Mr. Starbeam, beat up and picked on Homer at Moe's Tavern when he asked them about their sons giving Bart his belt back in Moe's Tavern. He was mentioned in "Lisa the Drama Queen", in that he had a stroke at one point. In "The Fat and the Furriest", Kearney mentions that his father is afraid of paying child support.

Kearney has mentioned that his father and mother now only meet when the prison and the asylum have their annual mixer. Because Mr. Zzywicz is inclined to violence as opposed to his mother being on medication for mental illness, it is safe to assume that he is currently in prison. However, Kearney has said nothing about them actually being divorced.

He recently appeared in "Walking Big & Tall" during the first three flashbacks of the Springfieldians singing "Only Springfield".


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