Mrs. Gumble was the mother of Barney Gumble. She is Norwegian. She looks like Barney in drag and talks similar to Barney.


At one point, she encountered her son (who at the time was working for the store Lullabuy$ as a sales mascot) who was naked for all save for a bonnet due to his diaper being blown off by the wind. She also worked for the Naval Reserve, which Barney pointed out when his drill instructor claimed "Your mommas aren't here to help you." Apparently, she also had to prod her son to get up for school if he fell asleep, as she demonstrated when Barney was asleep at the switch to investigate a torpedo chute, with Barney while asleep begging her not to get him to school that day.[1]

She apparently died sometime afterwards, as Barney said that he was going to put the centrepiece on his table from Lenny's Party on her grave.[2]

She used to go to the Springfield Town Hall to sing the city Anthem with her son and husband.[3]



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