Mrs. Rhenquist is Francine's mother.


Mrs. Rhenquist was seen with her husband at the '12th annual big science thing' convention, where their daughter was being used in an experiment by Lisa.

While her daughter was attacking all the nerds at the convention, she comments to the Simpson Family that Francine will eventually punch herself out (most likely meaning she will tire herself out). She and her husband have made cameo appearances in other episodes.

Her first name has never been revealed. She and her husband appear to accept their daughter's bullying of other kids at school. She and her family are also seen at church.


Mrs. Rhenquist wears a fuchsia colored dress and pink dress shoes. She also has ginger hair. Her skin complexion is either yellow or pale. And wears pink lipstick.


  • She's seen with yellow skin in her first appearance, but has since been seen with pale skin for her appearances. This is likely a goof.
  • She has a resemblance to Audrey McConnell.



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