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Mrs. Scratchy is the wife of Scratchy and a recurring character in The Itchy & Scratchy Show.


Mrs Scratchy was going to get married to Scratchy in the cartoon: I'm Getting Buried in the Morning, but she as well as her fiancee ended up both being decapitated by Itchy, who was acting as the reverend, and placed their decapitated heads on strings attached to the boot of the wedding car. Similarly, she was intended to marry Scratchy in the cartoon: Four Funerals and a Wedding, but Itchy replaced her with a "bride" made of long-fused lit explosives at the last possible minute.

She appeared prominently episode P.U., a parody of the Disney Pixar movie Up. Scratchy and Mrs. Scratchy get married, buy a new home and redecorate it before growing old, mirroring the events of the main character and his wife in the movie. They relax under a tree before Itchy arrives with a machine gun and kills the couple. Itchy them buries them side by side before blowing up their graves. Itchy then proceeds to vacuum their ghosts before setting fire to the vacuum bag with a match.

She featured in the cartoon, "Kitty-Kill Condition", first appearing in a fake photo made by Itchy to give Scratchy a heart attack. The Mrs. Scratchy appears wearing black and grieving inconsolably at the funeral, accompanied by her grandparents, son, her apparent daughter and the rest of the extended family. Mrs. Scratchy and her family were all killed as Itchy put a bomb in Scratchy's corpse, with Mrs. Scratchy getting decapitated in the explosion.

Scratchy's wife accompanied him in the Safety First instructional cartoon on the Simpsons Ride.

Mrs. Scratchy appears in the cartoon Leave It To Cleaver in No Good Read Goes Unpunished, sitting and knitting on a sofa with her husband and son until escaped killer Itchy breaks in and kills them all.

She cameoed in the Second Itchy and Scratchy Movie on a newspaper mourning her husband.