Is a little blind faith too much to ask anyone?
―Ms. Albright[src]

Ms. Albright is the Sunday school teacher at the First Church of Springfield.


Ms. Albright teaches Sunday school and once had Bart Simpson as a student some time ago, a time that she undoubtedly dreaded. When Bart came back to Sunday school in order to get close to Jessica Lovejoy, a current student, she is frightened, but decides to welcome him back. Shortly after she presents a replica of the “slingshot” David used to slay Goliath for Pass Around. She then keeps herself busy by bending over a file cabinet. This tempts Bart to aim the slingshot at her wiggling butt. He manages to refrain himself from firing in order to impress Jessica.


  • Ms. Albright speaks with a soft Southern accent.
  • She is good friends with Helen Lovejoy, the Reverend's wife, and Marge.
  • In her first appearance she wore glasses, all episodes after she lacks them, implying she either wears contact lenses or had eye surgery.
Ms. Albright

With Bart


Note: Many of her appearances are brief, background roles. Episodes in which she has an actual role are in bold.



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