A comic book! How did this get mixed in here?
―Ms. Mellon (to Bart)[src]

Ms. Mellon (/mɛlˈarn/) is the fourth grade teacher at the Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children that Bart briefly attended after cheating on an intelligence test.


Ms. Mellon was Bart's new fourth grade teacher when he went to the gifted school after Bart cheated off Martin Prince's I.Q. Test and was recognized as a genius with an I.Q. of 216. Ms. Mellon was calm and nurturing to her students and encouraged independence and creativity in a pedagogically progressive environment, which heavily contrasted Mrs. Krabappel's class. Ms. Mellon was very patient and hopeful of Bart's abilities despite his slips of dim-wittedness, at least until Bart's chemistry accident where he mixed 'acids and bases'.[4]

In Bart Gets an "F", Ms. Mellon was singing with the townsfolk during the snow day.[5] She also plays a part in the musical Oh, Streetcar! in A Streetcar Named Marge.[6] In Mr. Plow, Ms. Mellon gets frightened by Barney Gumble in the street while he is working as a mascot for Lullabuy$.[7] In Marge vs. the Monorail, she attended the town meeting that discussed the usage of Mr. Burns' seized money; initially, she is for its usage to repair Main Street, but ultimately shows support for Lyle Lanley's Springfield Monorail. She is also one the passengers of the monorail's botched maiden voyage.[8] In Bart's Inner Child, she attended Brad Goodman's Inner Child Workshop.[9] In Homer the Smithers, Ms. Mellon also attends the Nuclear Plant Employee Appreciation Night at the drag racing track with her family. It is possible that her husband works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.[10]

Non Canon Appearances

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Music Videos

In the music video for Do the Bartman, she is briefly seen dancing with Jacques.[11]


In the 'Lies to Tell Your Parents' section of Bart Simpson's Guide to Life, Ms. Mellon's portrait says, 'You'll be sorry.'[12]

Behind the Laughter

Ms. Mellon's discarding the comic book into the trash can was a source of minor controversy. Mail was received that considered the act a form of censorship.[13]




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