Mt. Splashmore is a water park in Springfield, which appeared in the episode "Brush with Greatness". They boast, "The most ways you can be shot hundreds of feet into the air by a geyser of highly pressurized water." Mt. Splashmore is a haven for kids too young to know fear and risk-takers looking for a way to beat the heat. Lives are in the hands of 16 year old lifeguards who have occasionally glanced at the rules and regulations. It has a sign outside warning the female patrons not to go about topless, due to the presence of cops. Bart and Lisa repeatedly beg "Will you take us to Mt. Splashmore?" to Homer.


  • A favorite among daredevils is "the Devil's Gullet", which begins 300 feet in the air and drops screaming patrons down a 90 degree angle before shooting them into a complex network of intensely curvy tubes and then propelling them quickly through a tank of a great white shark, over an alligator pit, and finally into a hot, foamy jacuzzi.

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  • Another favorite is H2WHOA! where patrons can challenge the raging water of death and discover what water is really made of. a tunnel-slide, which Homer Simpson got trapped in. How did the teenage lifeguards solve the problem? They sent down more children, an incident that put H2WHOA! on his revenge list as well as deeply traumatized him and had him vow to lose weight. This incident was also implied to have gotten Krusty into very deep trouble as a result, as Krusty ended up swarmed by various reporters at his mansion afterward with his protesting it was perfectly safe (although Kent Brockman implied that he said something similar regarding one of his brands of Mayonnaise that may have been a health hazard, causing Krusty to demand that the report was over). It is also implied that this incident may have resulted in the Simpson family suffering a ten year ban from the park. Said attraction ended up on Homer's Revenge List.

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  • There is a kiddy pool called the Rock-A-Bye-Riptide, where the water is changed hourly. The deep end is two inches deep. Babies are required to wear life vests.
  • There is a roller coaster called the Wave Walker. The car goes forward several feet on the track, then plunges straight down into a river of water. The current moves the riders away in the process to avoid an accident. The ride has a warning sign that says "You Will Get Wet."
  • In "D'oh Canada", the Mt. Splashmore sign comes off, revealing a sign reading "Mt. Splashmore Biological Warfare Test Range."


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