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Mount Springfield is a volcanic mountain located just outside of Springfield.


It once caught on fire due to a discarded camera light bulb (Bart and Lisa were on the mountain earlier to take a picture for the Phone Book cover contest, and Bart as a prank shot the light bulb at Lisa), trapping Bart and Lisa on the mountain until Barney and a very inebriated Homer rescued them from the fire (Homer became inebriated when he downed six beer cans just to ensure Barney remained sober to pilot the helicopter and rescue the kids), with Homer hanging on to the kids by each arm while hanging upside down (a ladder was originally going to be used, but Homer cut it down after a bear was attempting to climb to safety).

Mount Springfield is a volcano which erupted in "She Used To Be My Girl", putting the lives of Lisa Simpson and Chloe Talbot in danger. Lisa was rescued by her parents and Chloe by her former sweetheart Barney Gumble.

In "Homer's Paternity Coot" a mailman was discovered frozen Mount Springfield's snowcap, having been there for over forty years.


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