A MyBill

A MyBill is a bill sent by Mapple for the use of MyTunes services such as downloading songs and videos.

When Lisa downloaded too many songs on her MyPod, she received a very large MyBill. The bill was so large that it came in a package that had to be hand-delivered by the mail carrier. Lisa first thought that the package was a gift from Mapple, but when she opened it, she found out that it was a very lengthy and detailed bill for all of the songs she downloaded from MyTunes. Lisa was shocked to discover that the total was $1,200.

Lisa later visited Steve Mobbs at Mapple's undersea headquarters (where the cost of the trip was added to her bill) to ask for a reduced payment plan on her MyBill. Mobbs had Lisa work off the debt by wearing a MyPod costume, handing out flyers to people on the street and telling them to "Think differently" (Mapple's official company slogan).

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