The MyPhone

The MyPhone is a cell phone made by Mapple, and available for purchase in Mapple stores.


Mab store

Lisa discovers MyPhone.

Lisa Simpson saw MyPhones when the family was browsing in a Mapple store. During the same visit, Bart shocked the store customers by breaking into Steve Mobbs' announcement to make it sound like Mobbs was telling the MyPhone customers that he was ripping them off (by setting the phones' retail price at around $500 when they only cost eight dollars to make), and that he personally peed on every MyPhone made. Fortunately for the phone owners' peace of mind, Lisa exposed Bart's prank[1].

Homer later bought a MyPhone for himself[2]

Homer's MyPhone
S29e07 (3)

Homer gets a call from Mr. Burns.

Behind the Laughter

The MyPhone is a parody of Apple's iPhone.



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