The MyPod

The MyPod is a portable media player designed and marketed by Steve Mobbs and Mapple. It is capable of storing hundreds of songs and videos.


Lisa walked into a Mapple store, started browsing the shelves, and fell in love with all the items, including a MyPod, but couldn't afford one. However, Krusty the Clown was also in the store with a MyPod that he had gotten in a gift basket. Krusty thought the MyPod was useless for watching movies because of the small screen and he didn't care for the selection of music available for download. Disgusted with the MyPod, Krusty gave it to Lisa.[1] She learned the hard way that you can get into a lot of debt by downloading too many songs without realizing.

Dick Cheney owns a MyPod which is full of music by Lee Greenwood.[2]

One day Bart and Milhouse vandalized a MyPod advertising poster, defacing it by putting "stink lines" around the dancer's behind and changing the slogan to read "Stink different".[3]

Behind the Laughter

The MyPod is a parody of the iPod which is made by Apple Inc. However, the pause and play buttons are reversed, presumably for copyright reasons.


  • Goof: At first when Krusty gave Lisa a MyPod, it was a normal MyPod, but later on it looks like an iPod Touch.
    • It could also be a touch screen mode.




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