The Wandering Juvie
My Big Fat Geek Wedding
Catch 'Em if You Can

Cultural References

  • This episode is a reference to the 2002 movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
  • Matt Groening appears at the comic book convention as the creator of Futurama.
  • At the comic book convention several characters appear dressed up in costumes including, Dr. Hibbert as Captain America, Lenny Leonard as George Jetson, Milhouse as Fallout Boy and more.
  • There are several lines where characters speak in the Star Trek language, Klingon. Whether or not the actors spoke the real Klingon language or just spoke gibberish is unknown.
  • While trying to woo Ms. Krabappel, the choir sings a parody of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".
  • Skinner wears a costume of Catwoman, which is the same as a costume of Michelle Pfeiffer from the movie Batman Returns.
  • Klingon wedding clothes are based on wedding clothes of Jadzia Dax from Star Trek.


  • Comic Book Guy has tattooed a Superman logo on his back.
  • In this episode Homer chooses Moe's Tavern as the location for Principal Skinner's bachelor party. This may be because since there are usually no women in Moe's, he will not be going through the same mess when he attended a bachelor party in "Homer's Night Out".
  • Characters present at Principal Skinner and Ms. Krabappel's wedding include: Groundskeeper Willie, Dr. Nick, Barney Gumble, Lunchlady Doris, Otto Mann, Moe Szyslak, Dewey Largo, Kirk Van Houten, Jasper Beardly, Professor Frink, Dr. Hibbert, Disco Stu, Elizabeth Hoover, Chief Wiggum, Superintendent Gary Chalmers, Bumblebee Man, Judge Roy Snyder, Mayor Quimby, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon, Luanne Van Houten, Kent Brockman, Captain Horatio McCallister, Hans Moleman, Fat Tony, Patty and Selma, the Blue Hair Lawyer, Cookie Kwan, Lenny and Carl, Waylon Smithers, Sideshow Mel, Legs, and Abe Simpson.
  • The ad in Moe's phone book: "U-SAVE STRIPPERS -- IF WE SEND YOUR DAUGHTER... IT'S FREE!"
  • At the comic book convention, Milhouse pronounces Matt Groening's name incorrectly as 'GROAN-ing' as opposed to 'GREY-ning.'


  • Duffman has a Duff logo on the back of his shirt before Wiggum enters, but when he turns to make a sandwich, it's not there anymore.
  • In the second scene with Skinner at Moe's, he finishes his beer completely. But when the shot changes, his glass is full.
  • Principal Skinner's beer glass continually disappears and reappears while he is at Moe's.
  • Just before Homer tells Marge about Skinner's marital doubts, the car is seen parked in the driveway just fine. Moments later, when Homer asks to borrow Marge's car, the car is again seen, but this time upside-down and on fire.
  • During the wedding, when the band begins to play 'Just the Two of Us,' the lights are on in the gym. But when Skinner begins to dance, the lights are out and there is a spotlight on Skinner.
  • When Ms. Krabappel is teaching her class after the wedding sequence, she is using a chart of the circulatory system. When Marge enters however, the chart seems to magically roll itself up, and disappears.
  • The Hulk melon baller that Krabappel returns to Comic Book Guy disappears immediately after they are done talking about it, and the counter is once again empty.
  • When the school bus drives up to the school during the wedding scene, Otto is nowhere to be found. However, when the doors open and the shot changes, Otto is waiting to escort Ms. Krabappel off the steps.
    • Also, if Otto was waiting to help Ms. Krabappel off the bus, who was driving the bus?
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