We're on the Road to D'oh-where
My Fair Laddy
The Seemingly Never-Ending Story


  • Despite being mentioned that she was going through a sex-change operation, Mrs. Pommelhorst is still seen as a woman in later episodes, including the recent episode "Blazed and Confused". Presumably, she chose not to go through with the operation.
  • In the show's entire 17-year run, this is the very first full-length episode centered around Groundskeeper Willie. He was however, the central character in "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace", one of the three segments of "Treehouse of Horror VI", and had a large amount of screentime devoted to him in "Girly Edition"—in which his shack was also destroyed by Bart's shenanigans and left him temporarily homeless. He also played very important roles to the plots of the episodes "Homer Badman" and "Bye Bye Nerdie", albeit in shorter appearances.
  • Connections: This episode covers the same topic as "My Fair Lady." This episode is also somewhat similar to the season 11 episode "Pygmoelian", in the sense that it features another secondary character getting a 'makeover' or 'new look', last time it was Moe Szyslak. "My Fair Lady" is also a retelling of Pygmalion.
  • In the gym teacher's datebook, "Double Bombardment" is listed on Christmas.
  • The episode was rated TV-PG for drug references, violence, coarse language and sexual references.
  • In this episode's end credits, instead of the normal music there was a medley of the songs heard.
  • The man in the commercial sits down and the music stops, but when Homer and Eli Stern VI have stopped talking, he is up again and the music is playing.
  • Starting with this episode, Anke Engelke took over as the German voice of Marge after the death of her predecessor Elisabeth Volkmann.
  • The last time a Simpson was tormented by a coach occurred in Home Away from Homer. It is unknown if the two coaches are related.
  • This is another one of the rare episodes to feature the rumpus room.
  • In the italian dub Coach Krupt was voiced by former AC Milan player, winner of two Champion's leagues, Gennaro Gattuso.

Cultural References


  • In the episode Monty Can't Buy Me Love, Willie claimed that he was born on a pool table. This was revisited in this episode, during a flashback to shortly after Willie's birth.
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