Nancy Drew is a sleuth.


After Mr. Burns had been shot, Lisa told to her family that Nancy Drew had said: "All you need to solve a mystery is an inquisitive temperament and two good friends."

While looking after some book in Mr. Burns' library in The Mansion Family, Lisa found many Nancy Drew books there. She started reading the controversial Clue in the Clock that contains many swear words. This is also the book that Lisa reads as a bedtime story to Homer when he moves into the condo with Julio and Grady in Three Gays of the Condo

When Lisa tried to investigate the secret room at Springfield Elementary during the events of 500 Keys, she asked herself "what would Nancy Drew do?". Nancy Drew then appeared in her vision and said she would ask Hardy Boys, but the found out Frank and Joe are dead. Later, Lisa said "what do you think of that, Nancy Drew?", but then imagined her also dead in the grave next to Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown.

In What Animated Women Want, Lisa reads Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Declining Book Sales.


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