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Ned 'N Edna's Blend Agenda
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"Ned 'N Edna's Blend Agenda" is the twenty-first episode of season 23.


Ned and Edna announce that they secretly got hitched, so Marge throws a wedding party for them. But marriage invites trouble when Edna consults Bart, so Edna 'improves' Rod and Todd's lives.

Full Story[]

At the beginning of the episode, townspeople are auditioning for the Passion Play, based on the life of Christ. Ned Flanders (who's played the lead several times) auditions for Jesus, but when he is turned down by the producer for his stammer and is given a non-speaking role, much to his disappointment. The producer explains what makes the perfect Jesus, after listening in, Homer plans to audition as he is like Jesus almost, and he gets the role of Jesus on the spot. Ned is startled at this result but wishes Homer well. Homer goes home and after trying on his costume, Lisa congratulates him but hopes he'll take the role seriously. She explains that this story is one of the most important stories in the Christian Faith (The corner stone) and explains that everyone knows that messing with Jesus makes people angry. Homer is now under pressure to play Jesus respectfully and to his annoyance that he has a line in every scene, he learns his lines and the play is a success. Everyone is pleased with Homer's performance even the cast thinks he does well. After Ned offers an apology to God for being a 'doubting Thomas' the cross on which Homer is on breaks and falls on top of Ned. Then Ned is carted off to an ambulance, Edna steps in with him and the paramedic tells him "close family only", Ned tells him that she is his wife, revealing that he and Edna are married, an announcement that shocks everyone.

At the hospital, half the town intrudes on Ned's room, and Edna tells everyone to clear it out. Marge plans to establish a wedding party for them, something which Helen Lovejoy is extremely unhappy about. They soon realize that having an "open" marriage, as Ned calls it, is tricky, and they have to deal with the ups and downs. While at dinner they witness Bart next door yelling out to Homer to "get his fat ass over to the Flanders". Homer, in his underwear, angrily asks Bart to stop calling him that. Bart cheekily asks "Which one? Homer or Fatass?" Homer gets outraged and shouts "Why you little! They're both bad and I suspect you know it!" and strangles Bart. Bart, while getting strangled, yells at Homer to get his hands off him and calls him a fatass. Meanwhile, after an argument with the head, Edna pulls Rod and Todd out of Christian private school and into Springfield Elementary.

Later, she takes some advice from Bart and tries to turn them into regular kids, to some success. Ned worries about Todd going to college, which is filled with classes and other topics he hates. There is a sequence entitled Ned's Nightmare, where he dreams that his kids will major in comparative religions. At their wedding party, Ned gets very upset with Edna, due to comments by Rod and Todd, something which Helen Lovejoy captures on her phone. However, Homer and Marge orchestrate a charade in front of Ned, in which they have an argument over Bart and Lisa. Realizing that all couples disagree over their children, Ned chooses to forgive her.


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